Employee Testimonials

Employee Testimonials

Head Start of Yamhill County is a human development organization. In the 2020-2021 school year, 47% of our employees were past or current parents/ grandparents in the program. Hear what working at HSYC has meant to them.

“I just love what I do and am so grateful to have been given this wonderful gift. I just have to thank Head Start of Yamhill County with all my heart.”


“I love my position of Family Support because it’s given me the opportunity to share my story with other parents. I am blessed and thankful for Head Start of Yamhill County for giving me the opportunity to be a better parent, a better community member, and a professional.”


“I was hired by HSYC to drive school bus and be a teacher’s aide. Working with the kids in the classrooms was so rewarding; watching them and teaching them and giving back what Head Start gave to me. It is the greatest, most rewarding experience to share that with other parents and kids and transform their lives like my family’s life has been transformed.”


“Head Start has impacted my life in such a positive way and I never dreamed that I would be working here, let alone in my current role. I so value the changes it made in me that I want to give that back to other parents who are in our program.”


“When I was offered the position of substitute in the office I didn’t have any experience, but they were willing to give me an opportunity and train me. I am now working in the accounting office, which is a position I never thought possible, and it is all thanks to Head Start of Yamhill County.”


“All of the knowledge and education that I have is because of the support of HSYC. I was sure I wanted to be a teacher and I was very sure this was the place I wanted to work because I believe in our mission and I really love the way that my culture is able to project into the classroom. There has always been help and support to my position and to me personally.”


“I love this job for all of the great things it has done for myself and my family and also because I like seeing families that were just like me take advantage of the opportunities to grow and succeed. This job is really my passion and I owe it all to Head Start. I hope to work here and continue to help families like mine for a long time.”


“I work for HSYC because I really believe in what the organization does and what I do is try to help others the way that I was helped as a parent in the program.”