Summer Community Activities

Summer Community Activities

Welcome to our Summer Community Activities page! Here you’ll find a variety of enriching programs designed to keep children engaged, active, and learning throughout the summer. From summer feeding programs to kindergarten camps, you’ll find resources to support families and help children thrive during the summer months.

Summer Feeding Programs

Our Summer Feeding Programs ensure that children receive nutritious meals even when school is out. These programs are available at various locations throughout the community, providing free breakfast and lunch to children and teens. No registration or proof of income is required—just come and enjoy a healthy meal!

 Summer Library Activities

Summer Library Activities are happening throughout Yamhill County! These provide opportunities for children to explore a world of books, participate in fun reading challenges, and attend exciting events. From story time sessions to craft workshops, our libraries offer a wide range of activities to inspire a love of reading and keep young minds engaged.

Kindergarten Camps

Kindergarten Camps are designed to prepare children for the upcoming school year. These camps offer a mix of educational and recreational activities, helping children develop essential skills in a fun and supportive environment. Through hands-on learning and interactive play, these camps set the stage for a successful start to kindergarten.