Specialized Services

Head Start of Yamhill County recognizes that children grow and develop rapidly during their early years. Identifying the need for additional supports early on is the best way to ensure future success in school and life, thus our staff assist with parent-directed mental health and disability screenings for each child. We focus on the overall development of each child by providing comprehensive services that include access to mental health and disability services.

Staff mental health professionals and consultants provide support to children, families, and staff in the form of classroom observations, Teacher Child Interaction Training (TCIT), child observations and related discussion/review with parents and staff. We also work closely with families to help with referrals to partnering mental health professionals so that all members of the family can have access to any additional supports they may need.


Head Start embraces an open and inclusive program, where everyone is valued and respected. Our inclusive model provides individualized services to all enrolled children and families based upon their current level of development, individual strengths, needs, interests and learning styles (IDEA and ADA compliant). Staff work closely with families and are able to connect them to an appropriate community partner/agency, including the education service district, who collaborate with Head Start to provide additional supports for meeting a child’s unique and individualized developmental goals.

Head Start staff are delighted to be working with children and families to develop, strengthen and maintain positive relationships and interactions that will promote social skills, self-worth, and respect for individual differences.



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