Parent Engagement

Parent Involvement

Parents are the most important influence on a child's development. Parent involvement is an essential part of every Head Start program. Parents are a part of parent education, program planning and operating activities. Through participation in training, home visits, parent meetings and committee work, parents learn about the needs of their children and the community. Many parents volunteer in classrooms, the office, and in our kitchens, learning important job skills in the process. Head Start often employs former parents in the program.  

Parent involvement means that families take an active role in their child’s education and development, helping to make decisions about their program in partnership with other parents, staff and program coordinators. The contribution of family experience, perspective and participation is of tremendous value to Head Start programs.

Through home visits by staff and suggestions for activities which parents and children can do together, teachers and home visitors team with parents to support their child’s educational and social-emotional growth. This kind of parent participation reinforces and supports the child’s total Head Start experience.

Parent Groups

We believe that while your child is growing and learning within our Head Start classrooms, you can learn too! We offer a wide variety of parent groups such as Cooking, Healthy Relationships, Budgeting, Parent Café, Color and Chat, First Aid, and Emergency Preparedness. Some of these groups are offered in a 4-week session and others are a one-day event. Every classroom also schedules a monthly Parent Meeting. These meetings are a fun way for parents to enjoy meeting other parents in their child’s classroom, explore a topic together, and receive information from their child’s teacher.

Head Start of Yamhill County works with Mid-Valley Parenting to offer additional free parenting classes. 

Male Involvement

Head Start of Yamhill County recognizes the strength in partnering with every part of a child’s support network in building a good life foundation for a child. An important resource in this foundation building is the gifts that fathers, father figures, and other significant males bring to a child’s life.

Active male involvement can positively support many aspects of children's development. HSYC provides opportunities called “Dude's Days” where fathers, father figures, and other significant male figures can spend time with their child doing a fun activity such as fishing, going to a museum, or building a project together. 

Policy Council

Head Start of Yamhill County is governed by our Board of Directors and our Policy Council. Each classroom elects two representatives and two alternates to represent them on our Policy Council. Policy Council Meetings are held for 2 hours once a month. Each representative shares the information received during the Policy Council meetings with their class during Parent Meetings. The Policy Council Representative also reports any concerns from their class. We value parent input to strengthen our program!