Annual Report/ Community Assessment/ Community Partnerships

As a part of the Head Start of Yamhill County's accountability to the families and children it serves and in compliance with the Head Start Federal Performance Standards, HSYC makes public its Annual Report. The Head Start Reauthorization Act of 2007 states:

Each Head Start agency shall make available to the public a report published at least once in each fiscal year that discloses the following information from the most recently concluded fiscal year, except that reporting such information shall not reveal personally identifiable information about an individual child or parent:

Head Start Performance Standards require Head Start programs to conduct a community needs assessment every five years to ensure that programming matches the current community needs and builds on the strengths and resources which exist in each community. Annually, programs must review and update the community assessment to reflect any significant changes.

Head Start of Yamhill County 2020-2021 5-Year Community Assessment

Head Start of Yamhill County vs. State of Oregon data on Widely Held Expectations

Head Start of Yamhill County Community Partnerships 2016-2017