About Us

Mission Statement

We are committed to being a successful learning community, which includes:
• a partnership with parents and their children;
• a celebration of diversity;
• an atmosphere of support, respect, and trust;
where everyone is safe and experiences a sense of belonging.

5-year goals 2018-2023

In 2018 HSYC was awarded a five-year grant to continue offering program services. These are our five-year goals:

Goal #1: Develop, in classrooms and at home, an understanding of the importance of balancing nurture and structure to help build resiliency and self-regulation in our participants.

Goal #2: Improved attendance for lifelong success.

Goal #3: Create and support a trauma-informed culture in our program and in our community.

Goal #4: Hire and retain individuals who are committed to the true HSYC mission and philosophy and who understand the need to be a trauma-informed and relationship-based in an early childhood program.

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