A Birth To Five Program

Posted by Chris Sandberg on July 1 2015

Since 1985 HSYC has implemented effective program governance, shared decision making, parent involvement, and high quality services for children and families. In 2014-2015, there were 330 children age 3-5 in the Head Start program and 97 expecting moms and children age 0-3 in the Early Head Start program.

In 2012 HSYC was awarded a five-year grant to continue offering program services. These are our five-year goals:

  1. Support high-caliber classroom instruction that helps children be prepared to continue to make progress as they enter kindergarten.
  2. Support parents' efforts to fulfill their parenting roles through relationship-based practice in a culturally respective manner.
  3. Support family goal-setting and achievement related to self-sufficiency.
  4. Ensure child, maternal, and family health and wellbeing (including mental health and disabilities) through a comprehensive wellness and prevention approach.
  5. Cultivate and maintain community systems and partnerships that help all children and families succeed in school and in life.

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